Breaking News Suge Knight and Katt Williams Arrested SMH @kattwilliams


The end is just about near for Kat Williams and Suge Knight . I love Katt and I ride for him when it comes to people saying Kevin Hart is funnier  and bla bla bla, but my Nigga you need to have cut Suge Knight out of your life a long time ago because the Nigga is bad news period. Everyone that fucks with Suge ends up in jail or dead, Click Here Continue reading

Charles Barkley Goes off on “Unintelligent Black People”

I have been saying  this  for years  tired of SBP’s  (Stupid Black People)  Constantly going  in on our black celebrities and athletes  for one thing  or the other. Either they are a sell out an uncle tom a devil worshipper  or GAy  according to the jealous, hateful black people    who  read these blogs and walk these streets today.  Here is what Charles had to say about the alleged story that Teammates of Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Russell  don’t think he is “Black Enough”    You tell em Chuck  


Drake Storms Into D.C Club Angry With A Stack Of Money

Drake Stadium

I don’t know what is going on here  but i Will tell you this. Drake makes it known on all his records that ” he will never change  Wayne told him  don’t ever change the way he acts, thinks and wears  so what is this about?  Well according to a female who is  a partial owner to the Club  she said it had something to do with Tyga’s crew allegedly knocking DRake’s D.J out



MY WORD: Drake stop it ! This is the Drake  we don’t like. Stop fighting  stop throwing bottles  just stop it Continue reading

Melyssa Ford Attacked During Taping of reality show

Melyssa Ford  star of Blood sweat and Tears  is in the  was taken to the hospital  after being attacked with a champagne bottle during the filming of Blood Sweat and Tears ..  Here is Melyssa  after ward  being wheeled around in a wheelchair




MY WORD:  These shows are getting a little too dangerous and ridiculous   Do you think this was done for publicity  or NAW?

Comedian Spanky Hayes exposes Tyrese as Gay?

Up and Coming comedian Spanky Hayes done opened up a can of worms.

Back on Tuesday He took to You Tube and made comments about Tyrese Gibson being gay and getting Roles because He  sucked d..k for roles  Click Here for that







MY WORD: Man! I don’t know if I believe this  but let me ask you people something. Why is it that black  successful entertainers  always have to be looked upon as gay?

The Heaven Hollywood Digital Experience EP3 With Seka and Tasha Robinson

itunes pic


The Heaven Hollywood Digital Experience  episode 3 features the legendary porn star Seka..

Seka will be talking on everything from Sleeping with Black men in the industry  to being afraid of Dying of Aids  to what she really thinks happened to John Holmes

The Interview


Tasha Robinson was the closest person  to Floyd Mayweather  so she knows all about the Champ. She dropped by to talk about the new book she is dropping ” Right Hand To The Champ” that will allow people to see a whole different side of Floyd that will ” Drop jaws’   Did he sleep with Tiny? CHilli? what’s the deal with him and 50?  Listen to Tasha to get a better perspective




What!!! K-Michelle and That Big Booty Putting Hits out on Folks?


As we all know by now. I am in love with K-Michelle’s ass. THat is one of the most fabulous pieces of Ass I have seen in a long time but what is this K Michelle  fighting over a nigga? This can’t be true


MY WORD:  That ass is the phattest right in the game  by now, This story? I don’t even care if it’s true  give me some more of that Black Ass