@50cent is at it again Promotes New Vodka By Dissing Diddy’s Ciroc

50′s at it again. Hip Hop’s only remaining Bully is back up to his old tricks.50′s latest venture is Effen Vodka and he waste no time  throwing Jab at the #1 Vodka on the market  right now  Ciroc and his  rival P Diddy.   Now in the past we have seen 50 cent constantly mentioning and insulting Diddy. Check out  the Bully of Hip Hop’s Instagram Diss



MY WORD:   This is just 50 being 50. If I was fif I would think about trying another strategy because ever since he bullied Ja’rule pretty much out of a career ( even though Ja was probably  a more talented rapper) that strategy has not worked to well for him in the past few years 

Smashing? Kat Williams Spotted out with Hazel E

 I know most people are going to say Who? Well  if you watch Love&Hip Hop Hollywood  you would know who Hazel is , she is the PYT that is constantly getting dissed by her On again off again  side piece Yung Berg, WELP! looks like  Berg don’t have to worry about Hazel no more because Allegedly comedian/actor /trouble maker Kat Williams was spotted out with her  at the Louisville game 

Exclusive! Beyonce New Booty Poppin Video

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.35.48 PM


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.40.11 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.42.06 PM

Beyoncé again without warning drops a video to one of her new songs 7-11. This is a video equipped with Booty popping, red cup sipping, gyrating girl on girl action.. I wonder if we will hear the “Beyoncé  you’re a mother  why are you doing this?” Probably not because the world  is filled with hypocritical haters  that only seem to find nothing wrong with someone showing featuring their ass if it is ” there fave”   Continue reading

Kim Kardashian Breaks The Internet with Nude Pics


Well  we know whenever Kim Kardashian poses  people watch,People read,people comment and this time  may be the most reaction she has gotten since the Sex Tape.  Paper magazine came out with the Cover of their new magazine and it has Kim Kardashian  showing off that Million dollar booty.  It’s on! Nicki,Iggy,Amber  and Jennifer   Look at the Queen of the booty


Then once the internet  went nuts over that while they were in the middle of going nuts over these 2 pictures   Paper Mag hit them with the BIG SURPRISE 



Oh My God can I get the side view please



And the Internet is still trying to repair itself     Get Em Kim  The M.D.M (Modern Day Marilyn)  is arguably the hottest woman Hollywood has seen  since Marilyn Monroe

Yung Berg arrested for Beating Girlfriend up

Yung Berg rsz


Right as things seem to be going  good for Yung Berg and he got people like me calling him a  Gee, now something like this happens. TMZ had reported that  Love&Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Yung Berg   was arrested early this week for beating up his girlfriend.    The  article did not say at first  if the girl was Masika (the person he seems to e currently with)


But the ladies  from LHHH were on  The Breakfast Club today and pretty confirmed  it was Masika     Check this out

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Teairra Marie & Morgan (LHHH) says ” Ray-J beat All his women”

Wow things exploded on the Breakfast Club  today when Teairra Marie and Morgan Hardman  visited the show today .

Morgan wanted to make it clear that Ray-J put hands on her and said that Ray has put his hands on more people than just her and Princess (his current girl)   She also said that Nikki  had made  a racist comment and that is why she showed the before and after pictures of her..  and  How Ray-J threatened her and got her son kicked off the Basketball Team

Teairra Marie   made it very clear  she was very drained from the Reunion  and the interview became very strange as it went on ..  Watch this interview and check out all that is revealed


MY WORD  I clearly have a lot of respect now  for Teairra Marie  the way she pretty much admitted she still loved Ray-J  I love how she was honest saying she was  embarrassed and admitted she wish she never did the show ..  As far as the hitting  I’m not sure if Ray-j has hit anyone else  but to me   If he did  hit Morgan  they have definitely had sex before


What Do You Guys Think

Breaking News Suge Knight and Katt Williams Arrested SMH @kattwilliams


The end is just about near for Kat Williams and Suge Knight . I love Katt and I ride for him when it comes to people saying Kevin Hart is funnier  and bla bla bla, but my Nigga you need to have cut Suge Knight out of your life a long time ago because the Nigga is bad news period. Everyone that fucks with Suge ends up in jail or dead, Click Here Continue reading

Charles Barkley Goes off on “Unintelligent Black People”

I have been saying  this  for years  tired of SBP’s  (Stupid Black People)  Constantly going  in on our black celebrities and athletes  for one thing  or the other. Either they are a sell out an uncle tom a devil worshipper  or GAy  according to the jealous, hateful black people    who  read these blogs and walk these streets today.  Here is what Charles had to say about the alleged story that Teammates of Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Russell  don’t think he is “Black Enough”    You tell em Chuck  


Drake Storms Into D.C Club Angry With A Stack Of Money

Drake Stadium

I don’t know what is going on here  but i Will tell you this. Drake makes it known on all his records that ” he will never change  Wayne told him  don’t ever change the way he acts, thinks and wears  so what is this about?  Well according to a female who is  a partial owner to the Club  she said it had something to do with Tyga’s crew allegedly knocking DRake’s D.J out



MY WORD: Drake stop it ! This is the Drake  we don’t like. Stop fighting  stop throwing bottles  just stop it Continue reading

Melyssa Ford Attacked During Taping of reality show

Melyssa Ford  star of Blood sweat and Tears  is in the  was taken to the hospital  after being attacked with a champagne bottle during the filming of Blood Sweat and Tears ..  Here is Melyssa  after ward  being wheeled around in a wheelchair




MY WORD:  These shows are getting a little too dangerous and ridiculous   Do you think this was done for publicity  or NAW?