What!!! K-Michelle and That Big Booty Putting Hits out on Folks?


As we all know by now. I am in love with K-Michelle’s ass. THat is one of the most fabulous pieces of Ass I have seen in a long time but what is this K Michelle  fighting over a nigga? This can’t be true


MY WORD:  That ass is the phattest right in the game  by now, This story? I don’t even care if it’s true  give me some more of that Black Ass



Did Kendra & Hank fake Affair stories to Save her reality Show?

kendra wilkinson and hank baskett - kendra on top


By now everyone has heard the Hank Baskett cheating with a transgender woman story by now and even though I want it to be true (I hate when men have  my favorites in their bed every night) I can’t lie  I was very skeptical when I heard this story..  We are living in the world of shock tv, shock radio, shock social media  where people say and do things a lot of times for attention Continue reading

I Told Y’all Diddy Trying To Get The ” Love of his life” J-Lo back?


Now a few months ago I broke the story  that Sean “Puffy” P-Diddy,Papa Diddy Pop” was attempting to Contact Jennifer Lopez once he heard that she finally free again. Click Here In Case You Forgot

Now all the other Johnny and Jessica come lately’s are confirming my story (better late than never huh?) Continue reading

Exclusive: Kim& Amber went at it!!!


As Everyone Knows Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian do not like each other. It was Amber who told everyone back when her and Kanye were just splitting up that ” they split up because Kim slept with her man and she is a home wrecker”  Nobody wanted to believe Amber. The Betrayal prompt Amber to go the ESPY’s with Kim’s ex Reggie Bush. What you don’t know is that Kim and Amber squared off  before. Did you know that? Continue reading

50 trying to get back in ” Crazy Chelsea Handler” Pants?

back in 2009 50 cents and Chelsea Handler openly flirted with each other and then later on were an item.

A few years ago they had a pretty public break up as Chelsea has made several comments about 50 and him trying to use her  and Ciara to make each other Jealous. Well 50 and Chelsea may be ready to rekindle that flame Click Here

MY WORD:  I don’t blame you Fif  that’s a good catch